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Pressure Fountain


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" Pressure Fountain" -- Learn How " air pressure produces motion"

A Great Experiment for Budding Scientists

-Minimum Age : 6+

-Skill Set :Science

-Ideal For : Boys And Girl.    

-Body Material : Easy To Assemble.


Key Features Of  Balloon Fountain

  • Air pressure forces the water to come out of the straw like a fountain
  • Easy steps to follow: Make a balloon bottle fountain with the things provided
  • Power the fountain by releasing air from the bottle.... (follow instructions)
  • Insight into newton's third Law of Motion
  • Discover other examples of the principle through the FUNDO FACTS enclosed
  • E-assessment to judge yourself


Related  e-Video/e-Brochure Included

e-General Knowledge Pack Included

e-Assessment Pack Included
- Online multiple choice assessment included.

Learning’s :
- By completing above experiment and assessment, You will be able to understand the AIR PRESSURE AND ITS EFFECTS.


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